Continents representing different technological eras (but all of them pre-modern)

So with the current selection of machinery and parts in Besiege, I've noticed that the flight parts based around renaissance-era theoretical tech don't mesh super neatly with the more primitive others. I think this is awesome. Putting DaVinci contraptions on a medieval catapult is awesome, and though it's not a huge difference in style, I say the more the merrier! So here's my proposal:

Besiege is likely to take on a single-player campaign in which one progresses through the levels without everything unlocked to start, and they have to earn better weaponry by beating harder levels. Though it's not certain, I can't imagine the campaign being too much fun with all the cool toys available right at the start. That being said, if the campaign does indeed do this, there could be an opportunity to have the technology in each continent different. The first one would be medieval since it's all castles and ground stuff, then the second would be the renaissance stuff given its flight ability. Additional continents could take on other themes, such as:

-Steampunk (Victorian-Era science fiction) - Tech in this group might include more-diverse cannons with shiny brass fittings, possibly some various gears (decorative really, but c'mon, steampunk!), some "steam pistons" that extend farther and more controllably but slower, and maybe some cool "early science" themed things like a Wimshurst machine that shocks stuff or big flasks full of dangerous chemicals that can be shot from catapults.

-Old Asia - I don't know much about my Asian history, but I figure a tech group vaguely themed around old Asian tech could be very fun and a nice contrast to the European style machines of current Besiege, and include short-lived one-use rocket motors, fireworks-based weapons or Hwachas (Korean but still cool), large armor plates styled after ancient Chinese architecture, or blade-type weaponry themed around Japanese sword making techniques.

-Ancient South America - Now we're getting into some cool stuff! Atlatls, macuahuitls, components made of precisely machined stone or obsidian (if anybody the ancient South American tribes deserve the stone components, because they were basically the undisputed masters of stonecutting and building.), etc... I don't have too many ideas about these guys, but I absolutely love their aesthetic style.

-Ancient Greece/Roman Empire -
I'm not sure but, i've heard about them devs working on skin packs.
Ipsilon is probably at dark ages and tolbrynd is around the pre-rennaissance era
the technological stuff used are mostly from medieval weaponry (shrapnel and cannon) and rennaisance invention (aerodynamic propeller and gears)

The game itself is around the sandbox part so the actual puzzle and technological limitation is coming soon
I'm not sure when but, it will come soon.

Still.......It would be cool to see the footmen replaced with samurai at certain island.


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Which era did they get explode-on-touch bombs?
ITR said:
Which era did they get explode-on-touch bombs?
Round abouts the same era that they got wheels that generate an endless supply of rotational force and iron bars that can no-clip through solid objects. :D

But seriously, I think they fit fine in medieval era like they do now, or perhaps they'd fit better with ancient China since they invented explosive weaponry.