Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

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Im also looking for a different way to communicate as the forum is rather innactive sadly :'(
If you want to talk with faster responses you could try the official discord
Dear Besiege players!

I have an amazing idea and i hope people will join!
I have been building Battlebots in besiege for a long time now and I now have a total of 66 robots which are all super though and have very strong weapons. I used to fight them against each other by giving them the same controls, it is great fun but now that the multiverse update will arrive in a few months I want to fight other people’s bots. And start a Battlebot Community in besiege!

So how about a big battlebot contest in besiege!

To give you all an idea of the bots and the fights i created this amazing video. (I’m not that good with video editing but it gives a great idea of the Bots that should join and the fights that will be done )

BesiegeCombatBots ChampionShip

I designed regulations for the fights and the bots based on the way I used to fight them and based on regulations from well known shows like BattleBots and Robot Wars.

Besiege Battlebots / Combat Robots

The main aspect in this will be realistic mechanical fighting robots with the use of constructed weapons like hammers, saws, spinners, flippers or whatever you come up with.
Inspired by BattleBots, Robot Wars and Combots. You can recreate existing bots or (ADVISED) build your own to tear you opponent apart!
Player VS Player in the multiverse.

Restrictions for the bots:
  • Max weight: 250 BS (Balloon Strength) (Balloon, zero string length and 250 power should lift the machine).
  • Max size: somewhere near the bounding Box, u may go bigger but dont exaggerate.
  • Max blocks: 300 blocks
  • Min blocks: 100 blocks

Mods allowed to be used: No-Bounds mod, Scaling mod, All types of building tools. See restrictions down below.

The bot can use any kind of movement as long as it moves in a controlled manner.
Flying is not allowed. (Sorry aircraft folks).
A bot may go as fast as you want but know your are fighting in an arena with big hard walls ;)

Weapons may not do damage by destroying themselves.
Weapons may use small projectiles. (lets say 20% of the total weight)

Not Allowed:
  • Bombs
  • Flame throwers
  • Any Firesource
  • Pinblocks
  • Balloons
  • Sticky braces

Block Limits: (These are the maximum values. Negative values are not allowed)
  • Spring: 20
  • Cannon: 20
  • Flying block: 20, No more than 4 per bot.
  • Grabbers: Can only grab the other bot for 10 seconds. Otherwise the opponent wins.
  • Vacuum: 10 Can only grab the other bot for 10 seconds. Otherwise the opponent wins.
  • Shrapnellcanon: 10
  • Ballast: min 0.1 max 20
  • Rope winch: 20
  • Rocket: Spring charge Max: 10, thrust: 10
  • Watercannons: -100 and no positive values, weapons using this block must stay attached.

Wheels, saws, steering blocks, hinges, cogs and the drill have no boundaries. And weapons using them may not destroy themselves.

You may scale a block in every direction from 0.5 to 20

The Arena:
The fights will be in serveral arenas!

The Besiege CombatBot Arena:

View attachment 1532

It has various hazards!

The robot wars Floor Flipper!
View attachment 1533

The Spike Pit!
View attachment 1534

And some more...

The arena has some low edges to make it easier to be trown out of the arena, followed by total destruction!

The BattleBox:

View attachment 1600

I have put lots of time in building this beast, hope you like it.

More to come!

Rules during the fight:
  • 3 or 5 Minute matches.

You win the battle when you:
  • have destroyed 50% of your oponent
  • have trown your opponents out of the arena
  • have the highest health left after the time has ran out
  • are still moving around and your oponnent is not
  • when your oponent disconnects


How do I join?

Post here or
Mail to, (if you want to keep your machine classified aka Not downloadable for everyone)

  • Botname:
  • Amount of blocks:
  • Weight: (Hook it up to a balloon, zero rope, vary the lift, see at which value the bot starts to float in mid air)
  • The main weapon(s):
  • Aditional weapon stats: (Weight, speed, whatever you want to share)
  • The drive system:
  • Top speed:
  • Short summary of the bot and features:
  • Advantages:
  • Disadvantages:

Dont forget to add one or more pictures!

Final note: All bots will be judged if they are okay to join. Upload it somewhere and share the link in this post together with a screenshot of it!

Wait I want to update my bot, how do i do?
Email to
Or post here!

What happens with my bot?
Your bot will be put in an open database in googledrive. You may join with more than one bot but you may only use one in a single tournament.

The bots will have grades from 0 to 100 for their control, weapons, defense, reliability and agility. These points are summed and make up the seed of the bot.
The grades are based on the bot with the highest ranking in that catagory.
For instance: The bot with the strongest weapon will get 100 points and the rest of the bots will be ranked below 100. If a bot with a stronger weapon joins then that bot will take 100 and the rest is ranked beneath.

What are the ranks based of?

Weapons: How much damage is done by a single attack.
Control: How well can the bot control the opponent without doing (major) damage.
Defence: How well can the bot take hits form the opponent without breaking.
Reliability: How often does a bot fail
Agility: Based on speed and turning rates

In the database the fights will be listed with amounts of wins, losses and further nominations.


Final notes:
Let me know what you think or if you have improvements, they are totally welcome!

If you want to set this up with me or help me then please mail to, I can always use help with this and I would really like to make this something big!

For inspiration:

And checkout the arena!

Update 1
Slight improvements on block limits
Banned projectiles

Update 2
Redefined all of the rules. (Thanks to Algae and ITR)

Update 3
Projectiles allowed
Ballast: min 0.1

Update 4
100 M/s topspeed for bots. After some testing i thought it was not too overpowered and actually very fun.
Automatic weapons allowed. (Saw can only be used automatic haha)

Update 5
Rockets allowed: Spring charge Max=10, thrust=10
Added bot application

Update 6
Application email to keep bots classified (Not downloadable for everyone)
Added database
Added ranking criteria

update 7
Multiverse is out and the arena is added
lots of updated criteria, more freedom, less rules
freaking awesome i hope its still alive and i can still join