Constant-velocity joint mod [Spaar`s Modloader][v0.42b]

i put it in the mods folder and i clicked the block configuration button, then i clicked on the joint just like you said in the tutorial... it doesnt have the "Constant- Velocity joint"!
The toggle button is now called "LOCK". The image was very old, so I updated the image (and the mod) to the current version v0.42b. Just ask if you still have problems.
CV joint is the name of a particular type of joint that allows you to connect two axles at angles to each other and still have them rotate. The 'constant velocity' bit refers to the fact that it's different from a Universal Joint, which does the same, but actually introduces small cyclic variations in speed on the driven axle. CV joints don't do that. Hence, this is a CVJ, not a UJ.

Also there is a mod on the Steam Workshop that allows you to do this, forget what the mod is called. Something like 'Enhanced Blocks'.