Constant-velocity joint mod [Spaar`s Modloader][v0.42b]

Discussion in 'Besiege: Modding' started by CroCraCri, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Yuri

    Yuri Member

    same problem
  2. CroCraCri

    CroCraCri Member

    The toggle button is now called "LOCK". The image was very old, so I updated the image (and the mod) to the current version v0.42b. Just ask if you still have problems.
  3. KrautregenXD

    KrautregenXD Member

    I have a problem:
    The lock button is there but it seems as it has no affect.
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  4. CroCraCri

    CroCraCri Member

    Actually it locks the Z axis not the Y axis of the block:oops:(It locks the Y axis of the joint)
    The block can't rotate around the Z axis (blue) if the button is on.
    I hope this helps you:)
  5. KrautregenXD

    KrautregenXD Member

    Jes, that helped me, thank you.

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