Constant Minimizing

I have looked around and people seem to have problems with this, not always with Besiege (it seems to happen at random to various games, but no solution has appeared to work for me). I have probably already tried it if it involves config or game settings, drivers, and replacing files. With the last update to the game 0.75-9199, the issue has manifested and become quite annoying.

In the menu, nothing is wrong. Once entering any game level, the game seems to want to minimize itself every 5 seconds or so. This has made the game just about unplayable, as all that ever really happens is I try to build things, only to open programs in Windows(R) when I end up clicking the desktop after the game has disappeared. It happens whether I am doing anything in the game or not, even sitting idle it will minimize itself.

Windows 7 x64
AMD FX-8350 @4.8Ghz
32GB GSkill Sniper @ 1926MHz
Asus Strix 1060 6GB (also overclocked, about 10%)
Game installed on Samsung 860 512GB SSD (about a month old) along side Windows(R)
Audio is run HDMI to Yamaha stereo receiver w/ surround

I have posted in a Steam forum for this issue, and the only answer I got was to list things I have tried (which I had done). There is another game that seems to manifest a similar issue, but not the same thing. List of things I have tried:

Graphics drivers last 4 released
Removing OC, changing OC
Turning off EVERY other running program
No viruses or malware
Disconnecting audio device
Another monitor
Changing HDMI cables
Restarting machine (multiple times; see changing OC above)
Changing EVERY in game setting
Changing EVERY Nvidia setting
Nothing exists in event viewer, so its not a driver failure thing
Turning off MSI Afterburner, and RivaTuner

The CPU temp stays in double digits *F (less than 100*F), GPU temp stays in the 60*C range (max @105*C), RAM usage has never exceeded 8GB (I believe, may be a bit less) There seems to be no hardware correlation, it appears to be software induced. Any other questions feel free to ask. I'm only on here weekends, so responses may be slighlty delayed.


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Were all the other games unity games? If so then there might not be anything the devs can do (Though even if it isn't, it sounds like an engine issue)

Do you run the game in full-screen or windowed mode, and have you tried the other? How many monitors do you have connected/Have you tried with having only one monitor connected to your computer?

Do you notice anything in the level that happens right before it minimizes? Does anything appear in the output log when it minimizes?
All good questions. Pretty sure its not unity related, other games with similar symptoms are Planetary Annihilation: Titans, Space Engineers, and Sniper 3D (indie game). But none of those minimize, they only flash a bit, and not nearly as often. This has only been happening since the last major update it seems.

Game is typically run in Full screen, but Windowed provides the same results, even after restart.
One monitor, one surround (both run on HDMI connections) I have tried both cables to the monitor, and have disconnected the audio altogether, to no avail.

It happens in sandbox, multiplayer, and in the campaign, immediately upon entering the gamespace. I have not seen anything untowards in the log, but I can't remember checking lately (ie within the last couple times I've opened the game).

I haven't been able to play in something like 2 months, because of this issue. I love it AND I WANT MY FUN BACK lol. Any other questions, ask, please, I wanna get this fingered so I can get back in game.


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From what I can tell, they are all unity games, I know Space Engineers is, and from googling it seems the rest might be too.

Does it happen in all campaign levels? And you don't have to start the level for it to happen, right?