Connecting wheels causing inconsistencies [FIXED]

Alright, I know the topic is a bit confusing, but I have made a machine to demonstrate the bug.

Also, here is a picutre:

As you can see, the circled wheel/gear thing is in a different position, this is because the wheel is stuck. It will not rotate at all.
However, when the simulation is restarted, this wheel will either work or not work, and this is the same for other wheels.

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Hmmm interesting, it does seem like an odd behaviour, and there have been other reports of inconsistent wheel behaviour. I've personally thought that it could be to do with blocks attached to it interacting with the object, and thus stopping it.

Although I'm not too sure...


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Did you make sure the wheels connected to the middle pole are rotating the same direction?
Yes, everything is rotating in the same direction.
It's not that the wheel is always stuck, sometimes it actually works.
And it isn't just the highlighted wheel either, it can be any one of the wheels (although in the upload I've put up, it is usually the rear two that act up)
Another time I have come across this is when I tried to put one of these at the front of the machine and put spikes around it, sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't


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Did you try without braces, or at a lower simulation speed?
If you look at the photo there are no hinges used, the blocks used are wheels (powered), normal blocks and a bit of bracing
Also, it seems to be predetermined whenever I start the simulation, if I change the speed after i start it, the outcome will still be the same.
I believe whats going on here, is that the wheels are connected on both sides, thus there are some conflicting connections as such. So when it turns, due to the undeterministic aspect of the game, some of the wheels work, some don't.


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Sorry, meant braces :p