Cogs Pistons

Operating System:
Wiindows 8.1

System Specs (Although the bug is seemingly not spec related)
AMD Athlon X4 760K Quad 3.8Ghz

Game Version
Up to date with latest version. (V0.04 if I'm correct)

Steps to reproduce bug or what you were doing when the bug occured
I created a simple frame with a row of (unpowered) cogs. On the far left I added one powered cog, about half way I added a piston behind one of the cogs (the piston was on toggle mode, but that doesn't matter).
I would run the environment, and when I use the powered cog all the other cogs would work as expected.
As soon as I press the piston (which moves the cog out of the chain) all the cogs continued to rotate, and didn't look like they were slowing down.

I would've expected in this situation that the cogs that were not connected to the powered cog would slow down.

If I retract the piston so that the cogs all align correctly, they do then stop.
If you put items (I tried with wooden blocks) on the cogs (the ones which are not connected once the piston is extended) they do still turn and function as you'd expect.
In this print screen, the far left is the powered one but when the picture was taken, this was not being triggered.
The three cogs to its right are all still.
The piston behind the middle cog is extended (in toggle mode) and is spinning fast.
The 4 unpowered cogs to the right are all spinning at a medium speed.
Yeah, this was somewhat discussed on the previous forum, this is due to a change in the cogs behaviour having next to no, or no, friction resulting in a forever spining cog.

Physics wise it doesn't make sense, but there was a reason the devs did this.

Once I get home I'll put it on the list as possibly not a bug, but a feature.
Ahh apologies, I wasn't around on the old forum so didn't know it was discussed.
Saying that, I'm sure there is a way to detect a cog being moved and subsequently initiating a cog descent in speed?