Cog Racks (Very basic demo)

"Necessity is the mother of invention" they said.

So, while there aren't blocks that we need, we should create them by ourselves. In big scale, obviously.
After some raging, i present a demo of a very basic Cog Rack.
Of course this needs many, many improvements.

(The rotating "cog" is pinned. The rack is free to move.)

And of course, an example for those that find cogs useless.

A elevator, i don't know how to syncronize the wheels though, so it doesn't go up correctly.

Feel free to use this, make it better or worse, this is public domain knowledge of course.

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Awesome :3
Cool! I sometimes use linkages connected to matching swivels on opposing wheels. ie a swivel at 6 & 12 o'clock on one wheel and the same on opposing wheel then connect 6 to 6 & 12 to 12 with braces. If you do that AND build another identical platform above it at good distance, you might get a bunch more sync & stability.

ADDED: This is my attempt at an elevator a while back. Yours would travel much more smoothly than this I reckon. I am going to have a mess around with your cog-rack myself.

If we could place sliders extended, you could also make it more rigid + FrizB's advice, that should make a really good cog rack.
Thanks for the hints.

Algae, yours could be used to correctly move the rack without the cog going out of the rack.
FrizB, unfortunately i'm very obsessed with symmetry, and this couldn't work how i made it. But anyways, i will try to put apart my symmetry-mania.

An hint:
To move big things, you need more force.
You could use an wheel-engine, then reduce the speed, increasing the force, then connect the last cog to the "cogwheel".+

Oh, and for the cogwheel, i used Decouplers, because their joint is bugged, so they won't attach to the rack, but only to the wheel.
It seems the community has arelady found some good methods!
While watching the last Draegast video, i found this elevator (I don't know the creator, can't give credits to anyone)

You can make cog racks using spikes and small cogs to move.
And it seems perfect! Unfortunately spikes are very long. But it's much better than mine, of course.

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