Cog car - V2 Landed.

This is my Cog Car, fully working.
It's one of my projects, and i will update and improve it.

Note: All wheels are set to zero.
The engine is the only part that gets power by powered cogs\wheels.

Of course these are supposed to drive around, nothing comes there if it can't steer.

Prototype Gearbox Car:
NOTE: It's a prototype.

It has just 2 gears, and the second gear doesn't work, because it's too fast, and cogs slip.

-Directly from my wheelie version, a new engine! (More powerful and faster!)
-New chassis, new reinforcements.
-More realistic steering.
-No gearbox

-Single middle rotary engine
-No gearbox
-AWD (All Wheel Drive)


To do list (General):
-Choose between FWD (Front Wheel Drive, more steering stability but less accelleration) and AWD (All Wheel Drive, more accelleration but minus steering stability) - RWD lacks in both steering and accelleration.
-Gearbox, for having a more powerful engine
-Improve the transmission and the chassis making it more reliable.
-Improve the engine making it faster.

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Thanks. Have you got any hint for the steering in my V2 version without steering the entire axis? I don't want really to get a rear-steering car...
V2 is landed - A new engine and a new chassis for this engine. More reliable and faster. Can't go uphills, unfortunately, because of its transmission that can touch the terrain.
Also added a screenshot preview of my prototype cog car with a gearbox.
They aren't devil in any ways. You need only to understand how to use them and why.
The answer to why is simple: Much more fun and you can do lots of things, like fast things. And hey, everyone can place a wheel and go forwards.