Cluster option?

A few besiege versions ago there was the option for displaying the "Clusters" of a machine (certain groups of parts that move fixed togheter) and randomly the butten dissapeared. And then the devs mentioned the option in one of the news posts on steam.


I used it a lot in the past to fix bugs with scaling and thing not behaving like they should and from what i understand is the option still there.
Where did the option and button go?


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the cluster option was from the old version of Building Tools, but it was disabled on the recent versions


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Idk, maybe it was originally a work-in-progress feature for Besiege, but then accidentally shipped as part of BT feature.


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I Believe TGYD was using the Cluster option to troubleshoot his mod so he had the mod turn on the feature. It wasn't enabled in the official live build of Besiege because we didn't want to confuse players, as it is only relevant to multiplayer and I don't think the UI for it was finalized at the time. It will of course reappear when the multiverse update is released.