[CLOSED]>>>Gas, inventions and ideas... New possible solution!!! New gearbox system?


I need you all to help me invent how to make engine which after pressing "gas" button, ll start accelerating. Reaching max speed should take at least 3-4 sec (notice that gearbox ll be used). My concept doesn't work very well, is big and have some issues, so I m waiting for your concepts.
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Maybe post some screenshot on your concept? It might help other members figures what mechanism will suit u best

Also why it has hentai as tag XD
-Its for car.

-As you can see the problem is acceleration. It has to take longer time to reach maximum speed.

-Like in real car (manual gearbox (i haven't use automatic)) pressing gas pedal ll increases engine rotation speed but not instantly, same should be here.

what mechanism will suit u best
-Only think i want is that longer acceleration time, so it can be any type of engine (but not plane engine with rotor blades), as long as it runs on one button
A steam engine will give a constant power output, changing the engine won't change acceleration speeds, engines are either off or on. What you need is a multi speed gearbox, which will limit the power in order to achieve lower speeds or higher speeds dependent on the gearing. I haven't made one before but they don't look too complex, I found a pretty good vid for you:
I think you missed something when you were reading my 1st post.

notice that gearbox ll be used
My concept now is to make slowly mowing automatic gearbox. Pressing gas ll move pit-stones (set to maybe 0.05) with gears. That ll change default speed of engine. Then 2nd gearbox d be manual. I know that standard besiege engines gives constant power, and that is what I m trying to change.
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