K so i was messing with the new blocks....gears specifically trying to make a catapult that emulates a trebuchet hybrid thingy that used gears and contractible springs instead of weight but I noticed that the bomb bouncing around in the holder made it just keep bobbing up and down like one of those "drinking bird" fluid filled things. I named it Clock-a-pult because somebody like stellHex would probably see it and say " Oh I could totally make a functional grandfather clock with that"


L to fire. K to reposition ( i was thinking of making a gear driven reload mechanism but alas, too many beer)

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Does it have enough strength to move the components in a grandfather clock like thing though?
I dont know lol....would depend on how its set up exactly. Luckily for us most simple machines in Besiege don't lose any energy as they transmit it. I had more of both sizes of cogs attached to it....probably 8 or so which tied the vertical ones on the catapult down to horizontal ones on the floor and back up to vertical ones on a pylon i had built at the rear when i was trying to build a reload mechanism. There didnt seem to be any loss in power through just gears. It could also probably be tuned to use the heavier boulder instead of the bomb. But this isn't really my area lol and i doubt we have the parts for something like that.....maybe a simple one with just an hour or minute hand or something.
haha....are you going to use it to make a....time bomb!? no? sorry I couldn't pass up a pun that cheesy. It may have irregular strokes but does seem to just keep doing that forever . I left it on 200% speed while i was doing some stuff outside for 15 minutes or so and it was still at it.