Cloak Field Generator Block [ID:528529][Besiege 0.32]

For some odd reason I can't place the two cloaking devices, but, I can place both the panel block and the block spawner. Did I do something wrong?

Edit: I can only place them in specific locations. For example: a location where there aren't any braces. Weird!

Edit 2: For some reason the intersection warning is removed. This could have been caused either by the mod loader or the building tools.

Edit 3: It's caused by spaar's modloader, so, ignore this entire post as I just found the problem.
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It it possible to update so the MPC-s would not see and attack the creation when the cloak field is active?? I suppose this should be the main idea behind this mod
There are instructions, in the obsolete Blockloader thread, but unfortunately they have not worked in the 6 months I've been trying, but everybody just points at that as though it does work.. It might just be an elaborate and overplayed prank.