Chicken Challenge!

BEFORE You start reading this page you must know two things:

WARNING1:This challenge requires the download of your used machine. I know there are selfish people here, but unfortunadly these people can't make part of the challenge.
WARNING2:This challenge requires a Video, so if for some reason you can't record, like your PC being as good as mine (not very good), you can't make part of the challenge. (unless, of course, you have patience to play at low speeds and speed up the video later)

If you can both leave your machine for download and record a video of yourself doing the challenge, then move on to the
Chicken Challenge!

Wait what?

This awsome challenge is about killing all the chickens on the sandbox level on the shortest time, simple and easy right?
It seems like it, but there are some rules.
Da rules

1. Your choosen machine must be created by yourself. This game isn't made only for downloading machines, it's also made for creating them, so get to work!
2. Your machine must fit inside the grid. Else this challenge would be pointless, you would only need to put bombs where the chickens are and start the level...
3. Your machine can only have up to one cannon of any type. Another rule to stop smart people from easily winning.
4. Your machine can't fly. I'm sorry for this rule, but most chicken are hard to reach, wich makes the challeng harder and therefore more interesting.
5. your machine can't shoot any projectiles other than mentioned in rule 3(cannons) this also means you can't build any range weapons like ballistas, catapults,etc.
this rule is also valid to the "universe creator" machines.
6. The MOD RULE: the only mods allowed are the custom rotation mod, color mod (don't really know why) and more cameras mod.

7. Your machine can't have explosives. I might change this rule just so the challenge is funnier...
8. You must start the level inside the grid. I asked you for a vehicle that fits the grid so why would you even think of putting it outside?

9. You are not allowed to edit the .bsg file in order to modify your machine. thanks to HyperTek you won't be cheating this way.

[rules end here, but it may be nescessary to modify existing ones or add more in the future]

1. Rule 4 said you can't fly, but nothing says you can't jump, glide, slide...
2. Rule 6 says you can use more cameras mod, how about making more than one vehicle?
3. Slow down time. More time is more precision for
speeding and slowing down your vehicle.
4. Plan your route very, very, very carefully... This challenge is about time, every milisecond counts.
5. DO IT AGAIN! This challenge requires either amazing skills
*laughs* or the perfect vehicle *laughs again*, if you don't have any of these try doing the challenge with your terrible vehicle thousends of times until you do it right.

[got more tips? tell me in the comments so I can put them here and share them with other besiegers]
Who's the winner?

Current winner: Ross
Time taken:

The machines will be judged by their "coolness" (a jumping tank is obviously cooler than a car) of course the time taken is the most important.

[=]This is the priority of those 2 things:

1.Time taken

[=]Here's the coolness scale:

You were so good I don't even have a special color for that.
You got to the point where the colors used don't even make sense!
*in shock*
Thank god I asked him for the download
This is fanta-stick!
What on besiege is this?
*laughing uncontrollably* (hopefully we won't need this one)

Whoa whoa whoa... Did you acctually think there would be a prize? ...
I can give you a hug if you want ...
Another topic?

First challenge I have ever proposed, did I miss something?

And the challenge has began a long time ago and I don't think any of you can beat the current winner, sorry!
Forgot that!
I myself would use oCam (I think that's the name)
nice recorder and the best... it's free

Please if you enjoy the idea of the challenge leave your like so more people experiment it!

EDIT: of course you could easily search one on the internet that better suits your needs.
Invalidcreations said:
Any free recording software that someone could recommend?
OBS maybe heard great stuff about it I don't use it personally though. Also FBSoldier I consider my self a "smart person" and I've alrerday found a loop hole. We can still edit the bsg file(s) making wheels and such faster/ more precise to our hearts content, so maybe putting a rule for that may be necessary. Otherwise sounds fun and i'll get to work (without using said loop hole of course)
Thank you! I acctually tought of it earlier but when I wen't to make the post I forgot. I'm glad there are people like you to help instead of taking advantage.
Good luck with your machine, and remember to leave your like :p


Staff member
Hmm, maybe I should find my old video on this? I think it's on the other thread about this.
Acctually I tought that since the challenge is about time, and uses the sandbox level which is expected to get bigger and bigger, the challenge would go on as long as people wanted.
So if for example the number of chickens in the sandbox level doubles, we would do the challenge again.
Tell me if you find it!
Also, silly question here: how do you put those things (example: "check out the winter challenge!") on your comments?
Oh wait... Was there a challenge or something like this before? ... I tought you were talking about yourself having done this before ...

I swear I searched before posting and didn't find anything, please don't kill me.


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The rules were different, so it's okay. The things below the white line is a "signature", it's under user settings if I remember correctly
Oooooh I have the perfect idea, but I dunno if it'll be fast enough.

I was gonna say that Ross's black widow was going to win instantly, but then i saw the rule about editing the .bsg file ;_;