CCC-61 Attack Helicopter, Vanilla


Vanilla RTC cyclic & collective control coaxial helicopter.
Built without mod and intersection glitch.
The swash plate was developed by VermilionBoulderIndividual.
The height is 1 block shorter than CCC-48V, looks much better and it's properly weoponized.

Block count 166.
2 rockets and 2 power 2.0 cannons.
Agile. Able to do back flips and barrel rolls.
recommended time speed 85%~100%.

  • Arrow keys, L-alt, R-ctrl --- pitch, roll, yaw
  • Left-Ctrl --- start engine
  • Z, X --- collective (flying up and down)

  • F, G --- cameras
  • C --- cannons
  • 1, 2 --- rockets

I didn't record the building gameplay of this one, but the building techniques are actually the same to the CCC-48V:

Also available at: