Castle Defence

*No Idea where this would go, since its a castle Medieval seems close enough* [HR][/HR]
So after mucking around with a few of the new levels, and after commenting on a steam discussion thread about how to beat the new "surrounded" level. I got the idea of building this (It can beat the level without invincibility or any mods):

Before the Cannons start firing:
After with the gate open:

It is by far the biggest (parts wise) build I have ever done being in the high 800s range (Largest size wise would be a Ferris Wheel, if anyone is interested ill put it up too). [HR][/HR]

Numpad 1: Raises Flag (They must know who is going to drill them to death :p)
Numpad 2: Releases grabbers (wait till after cannons finish firing or gates may break)
Numpad 3: Opens gate
Numpad [.]: Shuts gate if necessary

Arrow keys controls buggy for destroying the cannons once they have all fired.

Any constructive criticism is welcome (including formatting).

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Now make it able to move, that would be awesome XD