Can't load besiege on Steam

Discussion in 'Besiege: Support' started by LiCViN the BDG, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. When I tried to reinstall the game ( i deleted it and downloaded again) Steam stopped the loading because of error. There was something like "access to C:\Program Files(x86)\ Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiege_data\Localisation Files denied. This message appears on the screen when I am trying to start Besiege. Can you help me, please?
  2. ITR

    ITR l̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ֍̫̜̥̭͖̱̟̟͉͙̜̰ͅl̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ Staff Member

    Try reinstalling it, if that doesn't work, make sure you have set the folders to be Read/Writeable

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