Can I play this on my laptop?

Hey people out there. Been watching a ton of Draegast's vids on YouTube about this game and I really, really...really wanna play this game but before I put the money out there (I know its only $8 on steam but im broke as a joke) I wanna make sure I can run it. Not worried about mods and all that just wanna make some crazy stuff! Here's a pic of my specs and any information will be gratly appreciated. Thanks!


Try with "Can you run it"
My computer is a i3 380m (2,5 Ghz) with 8gb DDR3 ram and AMD Radeon HD 6370M, I "boost" gpu with msi afterburner and I can play 300/400 block at 40~60 fps
Tried the website and I dont know what kinda magic it did but it said I could run it. How many blocks and how many fps ill get remains to be seen. Thanks for the website maigrot64!