Camera Speed Controller [1.0] [spaar`s Mod Loader Beta]


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Ever wanted to adjust the zoom speed or how fast the WASD keys move the camera?
Or maybe just turn one of them off entirely?
This mod allows you to do just that!

1. You're going to need spaar's Mod Loader 1.0.0-beta.
2. Just place CameraSpeedController.dll in the Mods folder.

Press Alt+C to bring up the speed controller window. You can also remap those keys by editing Mods/Config/camera-speed-controller.json. The window itself is pretty self-explanatory. Set a value of 0 to turn a movement off entirely.

If there are any bugs or features you'd like to see added, don't hesitate to ask here!

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Quick mention, some features of this might not work with the keep-camera-rotation mod, or might mess it up a little.


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The Building Balloon said:
So we can control vehicles instead of the camera with wasd now? Cool!
Yes indeed, that was one of the motivations for this mod. Not being able to use WASD always annoyed me and I rarely use it to control the camera anyway.