Camera Block, No Invisible Walls, and Player Avatars

A few people mentioned solutions to the camera issue already but I wanted to restate it because it's so important! A camera following behind a vehicle while it's moving would be so fantastic. In it's current state, controlling the camera is a pain because I just want to worry about controlling the vehicle.

This brings me to my next suggestion. I'd love it if there were no invisible walls that cause my vehicles to crash. They're especially annoying when you have to control the camera, your vehicle, while trying to avoid the invisible wall. I was thinking of something akin to the way Minecraft handles it's map generation. I'm not an expert but wouldn't it be even easier to do in Besiege since all the game has to do is generate empty white space?

Another cool thing to have would be multiplayer PvP. I'm sure the developers could come up with some crazy game modes so I won't mention any of that. What I would love to have though is the ability to spawn in a "player avatar" that you can set the controls to with key mapping. They would be the same size as the current npcs inside the game. You could place him (or her) inside of a vehicle you built (a seat block would also have to be created, so your avatar is buckled in during vehicle movement) and if he gets killed during a PvP battle, you'd lose. This way, your enemy does not have to necessarily destroy your entire vehicle to win, he just has to kill your avatar. Or you could just use your avatar to run around with swords, shields, bows, etc and fight on foot. This would allow for some cool game modes to be developed, whether by the developers or the community.