C-Edit (Position/Rotation/Scale)[spaar`s modloader][Blockloader][v0.27]

Box is invisible. When you click Pos1 button, axes appears. This is first corner of the box. You can move it wherever you want, then click Pos2 button. After that axes of first corner disappears and axes of second corner (opposite) appears (axes of first and second corner are located in the same place at first and looks the same - that can be confusing). First and second corner describes box shape and location (you have to imagine box by yourself). After that you can easly use Box selecting mode. Hope I hepled :)
I simplified the GUI and split it in C-Edit Editor and C-Edit Builder windows.
I also added a RTS style selection box and improved the rotation tool.
1. is there supposed to be a GUI cuz there's not
2. can this work with pbp2 cuz i have dat
3. can this work with tgyd's building tools cuz i have dat
1. There is a GUI but only if the editor mode is active(Press esc)

2. It should work with pbp2 but I haven't tested it because I don't use it.

3. Yes it works with tgyd's building tools.

4. If it doesn't work execute the following steps.
4.1 Read the Usage Section in the main post. Maybe you misunderstood something.
4.2 Make sure that you installed the mod correctly.
4.3 Check if C-Edit is activated in the Mod Toggle window(Left Ctrl+M).
4.4 Look for errors in the console. Tell me, if you find any errors that are caused by C-Edit.
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The mod is REALLY REALLY hard to understand i get the buttons but i cant do the rest and its where the point its like i don't know how to "place" that block it just shows a shadow of it and i keep clicking and nothing happened's.Please post a video or something for me to understand and maybe other people. ;-;


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Gorg6974 said:
CroCraCri attach CEdit folder to your post again, because there is only dll file now this was said earlier but it needs tobe done again
There's a zip-folder attached when I look.