C-Edit (Position/Rotation/Scale)[spaar`s modloader][Blockloader][v0.27]


C-Edit is a editor.
You can edit rotation, position and size of already placed blocks with the C-Edit Editor.
The C-Edit Builder helps you build with mirror and noclip.
It uses keyboard shortcuts. They are explained in the usgae section.

  • Select groups of blocks
  • move selected blocks
  • rotate selected blocks
  • scale selected blocks
  • copy and paste selected blocks
  • delete selected blocks
  • mirror selected blocks
  • mirror your place/delete/select actions
  • The clipboard doesn't get cleared when you load a machine. Combine all yor machines!
  • Warning! The undo and redo function does not work with the scale tool.
  • You can change the keys with the in-game key mapper.
  • Escape or translate tool = toggle editor(some functions also activate the editor Ctrl+A or Ctrl+E)
  • LCtrl+Right Mouse Click => select
  • LShift+Right Mouse Click=> set block as pivot
  • AltGr+Left Mouse Drag => RTS style selection
  • Button Pos1 and Pos2 => chage position of box corners
  • last Button on gui=>Chanage between normal and box selecting mode
>Normal selecting mode
  • LCtrl+A => select all
  • LShift+A => invert selection
  • LCtrl+D => deselect all
>Box selecting mode
  • LCtrl+A => select all in box
  • LShift+A => invert selection in box
  • LCtrl+D => deselect all in box
  • LCtrl+C => copy
  • LCtrl+V => paste
  • LCtrl+X => copy and delete
  • Delete => delete
  • LCtrl+Z => undo (translation/rotation)
  • LCtrl+Y => undo (translation/rotation)
  • LShift+Z => undo (last delete action)
  • Left Mouse Drag => interact with Symbols
  • G+Left Mouse Drag => interact with Symbols(snap to grid)
  • LCtrl+R+Left Mouse Click => reset position/rotation
  • LCtrl+Left Mouse Click => positiv jump
  • LShift+Left Mouse Click => negative jump
  • LShift+M => mirror selection(you can change some values in the window)
  • LShift+E => hide gizmos
  • LShift+R = > rotate
  • LShift+T => translate
  • LShift+Q => Scale
  • LCtrl+Mouse Wheel => change between hide,rotate,translate,Scale
  • L=>toggle between local and global for translation and scale
1.Install spaars modloader
2. Install the blockloader(it has to be active)
3. put the dll in the Mods folder
4. put the CEdit folder in your Mods/Resources folder

Change Log:
-fixed copy/paste
-added box select
-fixed box select​
-added undo function and LCtrl+X
-added undo and redo function for all actions and LCtrl+R​
-added mirror noclip and keyrebind function​
-added RTS style selection
-added snap function to rotation
-simplified gui​
-added Scale feature
-update to 0.27​
-fixed rotation and redo/undo​

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Staff member
Why do you have "(Editor+)" after some of the lines in "Usage"?
It's not working for me. I can't select anything and for example when I push the 'escape button' the KSYS appears for 1 ms and disappears.
Can you show me the list of your installed mods so I can compare my one to yours?
I Installed :
I think the models can't be loaded. Is the CEdit folder in the Mods/Resources Folder?
F..ck Yeah!!! I think this will be my new favorite mod. I work with CAD software (Unigraphics, Pro-E CREO, Catia) and for me using this mod is very similar.
Hey man the mod looks really good but i cant get it to work in game.i do not have any other mods installed apart from spaars loader and block loader i press escape and the menu comes up and i can select a block but when i try the other commands they dont do anything. any ideas as to how to fix this and yes i have installed it correctly. i will try deleting everything in the mods folder and reinstalling it and let you know

I have it working i, just getting used to it . thanks for the mod man :D
Really nice tool. Finally understand how Pos1 Pos2 works :D Does it really need Blockloader to work? I have blockloader disabled now and CEdit still works fine