.bsg file editing help please

I've recently started to try editing a .bsg file and it was going pretty well until I came across the rotations part. A bit of testing was easy to tell what all four numbers were for but when I started increasing the numbers, I realised that the rotation did something funny. Increasing the rotation to 2 rotated the block about 2 thirds of 180º and increasing the rotation to 3 rotated the block by about a quarter of that distance. As I kept increasing the number, the rotation kept getting smaller and I realised that to turn a complete 180º, it would mean that the number must be infinity. Can anyone explain why the devs made it that way and how I can compensate for it?


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I think your problem is that the rotation is stored as a Quaternion. The numbers don't directly correspond to the rotation angle around the 3 axis or something obvious like that. You can read more about that on Wikipedia, or alternatively just use Google to find more information about it.


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Mohab The Boss said:
I think it'd be better if you put this thread in the support section :p
No, I think this is the right forum, the support is more like a "The games not working, how do I fix it" kinda thing, I think