Brick Pillar = Best Wall?


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before we start, I want to say this is about the Tolbrynd brick pillar.
now if you don't know already, the tolbrynd brick wall is pretty flimsy (I will be using default strengths for everything for consistency's sake), here's a 1-thick tolbrynd wall after a 1-power cannon shot:

now an interesting property of brick pillars is that they can intersect and still be fine, in fact you can make a continuous wall with them:

now here is that wall after the same power cannon shot:

because this post is long, I will be posting the next part in the comments, you can consider this a 'part 1'



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Part 2:
now, the cannonball still got through, but it only damaged a very tiny part.
now let's double the walls up:

now, i'll fire on this wall:

now it didn't pierce, but it actually broke more into the first section than when it was 1 thick.
now onto the pillar wall:

the main disadvantage of this wall is that it uses a lot more objects than the brick, honestly, but it's time to fire on it:

as you can see, it broke into the first part, but still a very tiny section, and that broken part is STILL protecting the wall, in fact when I turned on infinite ammo, it took ~5 shots to break through.
now shooting the wall is all good and fun, but it doesn't show the strength of it in a lot of ways, so now onto the 3rd test, which will be on the next comment.


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Part 3: structural tests
this is actually going to consist of two tests, of structural ability.
Test 1: the 'Tower Test'
this test is pretty simple, I will just make a stack vertically of each block, and see at what height and force it breaks at.
I have made a stack 10 high (the pillar and wall are the same height), and the difference is almost immediate:

it isn't shown on the picture, but the wall is immediately swaying left to right. now, I will apply a force at the top:

the wind has a force of 50, and nothing is broken yet, but both are swaying slightly.
this test actually surprised me, in that the pillar broke first, at a force of 70:

also, a side note, but after some testing the true king of this test was the wood pillar, interestingly.
Test 2: 'Atlas' ( after the Titan who was cursed to hold up the world in greek mythology)
in this test, each will hold a block, which I will increase in mass until 1 breaks.
I have started at a weight of 10 for each, and nothing happens:

at a weight of 20 the wall is visibly affected by the block.
the minimum breaking force for the wall appears to be 21, which only breaks it about half the time, now I will increase it until it breaks the pillar.
at a weight of 40, the block sags into it slightly.
at a weight of 70, the block sags into it a lot, but the pillar is still holding up.
the pillar finally breaks at a weight of ~77.85.
That's It, thanks for reading! :)