[Brainstorm][Teaser] Hardcore Mode?

I am currently making a Hardcore Mod(e).

If you finish Besiege and you want a challenge, then this is for you! Bounding box is much smaller (which means you can't have big machines).

Most "hardcore" feature though is you have 1 minute to complete levels. If you fail on making that, you have to start the game all over from level 1 from Ipsilon, and all completed levels get locked.

Thing is, I have no more ideas... what would you guys like to see in a "Hardcore Mode"?

A Work-In-Progress screenshot. The machine positioning has been fixed by now, you start inside the box.

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This+UnstableExplosives = impossible mode XD
Limit the available blocks that can be used. I mean for some of the levels don't allow flamethrower, on others don't allow cannons, etc...


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AerialA said:
1 machine, created on first level for all levels. or/and limit number of blocks to add to machine on each levels
I think that wouldn't work well with the start over from level 1 thing, as most machines that work for all levels need a few tries before they complete some levels.