Boeing X-32 VTOL, JSF Contest Loser


Realistic (proportionally accurate)
VTOL and tough lading gears (invisible)
Easy to fly
Low block count (151)
Power x2.5 gun in the mouth
No auto hovering (VTOL requires constant corrections)

  • Z, X --- throttle, brake
  • Arrow keys / TFGH --- roll and pitch
  • R, Y --- yaw

  • Left Ctrl --- 90 seconds of afterburner
  • V --- toggle VTOL mode (vertical lift)
  • C --- ascend (under VTOL mode)
  • 1, 2 --- camera
  • L-shift --- gun

  • L-alt, R-ctrl --- alternative yaw

With V toggled, it can do short take off and flies super slow.

It was created with all blocks unscaled, but unfortunately, due to the v0.32 bug fix, physics changed and I have to update a new version of the plane with some few blocks being scaled.

Fxed all collisions, and added brake and gun for the multiverse update.

Also available at: