bobd132`s Multimod 0.3.2 [Spaar`s Modloader 1.3.3]


(Should now always look like this unless I change it)

This mod basically adds some features of cysto's multimod (and other mods) to the game. These features include:
  • Custom gravity
  • Choose block number
    • Press Q and Z to increment/decrement block number
  • Precision rotation
    • Change flip value to change how much the R key turns the block
    • Arrow keys left and right plus right control to rotate block
  • Level editor (enable/disable)
  • Custom FPS cap
  • Check change log for more
It was built on top of the level editor mod and slowly grew into its own multimod, with the level editor as an added bonus. I plan on adding more features, but many of these have already been implemented by other modders, so I will have to get their permission to implement their mods. Also, I am fairly new to programming and very new to c# and unity, so it will take a short while to actually understand other people's code (e.g unlimited canon mod - nailed it). This mod works with, but doesn't require BetterModGUI mod.

To install the mod, first install spaar's modloader, then drop the dll into the mods folder.

Change Log:
0.3.2: Updated to latest version of Modloader
Removed some more features (no more old-school rockets due to recent update)

0.3.1: Now updated to work with latest version of besiege
Only works with the latest spaar modloader; no longer works with original version
Removed certain uneeded features (they can now be found in the form of god powers)

0.2.2 | beta 0.3.0: Use MultiModNEW.dll for the spaar's beta modloader, and use MultiMod.dll for the normal modloader
Made some slight improvements to code (hopefully boosts mod performance)
Changed UI design, ready for new modloader

0.2.1: Use right control and left or right to rotate block
Added a box to input block rotation

0.2.0: Added rockets thanks to cysto/ZiMMy
Made cannon options specific to cannon
Minor bug fixes

0.1.5: More cannon options

0.1.4: Added more cats

0.1.3: Added a cat (drop the cat image into the mods folder)

0.1.2: Added unlimited cannons (doesn't work with fire)

0.1.1: Added option to change R key rotation

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Yay, somebody who's using bettermodgui without needing me to explain it for them. Was almost afraid it was too complicated to use.


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Oh, seems like you did the "without bmgui" part wrong (at least I can't see the options thingy without it), but unable to help you right now.

Also, please tell us if you want the modder rank and wants to come into the slack group :3


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Make it spawn cats. It needs more cats :3
So I notice that Block #4 cannot be placed, it is some sort of bracket looking thing that goes around a block, so I got curious and opened the BSG file and switched a Ballast into #4 then loaded the machine and it swapped them out with Explosive Decouplers that had the default hotkey as "A" instead of "J" but other than that identical to the normal ones. Weird.
Block #4 as far as I know is a ground peg nail. I modded the game to make it placeable, but when you run the simulation after placing it, the whole build disappears including the starting block. This is probably due to the fact that it still hasn't been fully implemented.