Blocks that unlock when beating levels.

So I think the game is too easy from the start off since you get to use whatever you want with the only restriciton being the size box. Beating levels would be more rewarding if it was required to use certain blocks. What I propose is that every time you enter a fith (5,10,15,etc...) level, you would get one or two new blocks to help you beat the said level.

For example, entering Queen's Fodder would give you sawblades and shrapnels. Another would give you winches, pistons etc...

You would start off with the most basic blocks and weaponry (This excludes automated white weapons) and become more powerful as you conquer land and steal technology from all around the world.


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I think somebody once suggested some kind of challenge mode, to be like this.
On a separate note, you are more than welcome to set such limitations on yourself and try to clear the levels that way, and share the challenge with others on the forums