Block Spawner [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.6] [Besiege v0.45]

Hello! I wanted to give a try to besiege modding and I ended up with this !
A spaar's Automatron addon that let you spawn blocks using the automatron!

You need to have the spaar's Automatron 1.1.6 and more installed in order to work, then simply put the .dll into your mod folder.

The current features add to the automatron the ability to spawn a block to a position relative to the automatron, rotate that block and scale it.

I plan to let you also customize more the spawned block (e.g. change the key bindings/slider values etc. )

The action will appear in the "Add Action" window when you configure your automatron

And when you click it a little window will appear

Then just fill in the values and here you go!

There are still some bugs with some blocks collisions (Wooden Block, Wooden Pole, Log) but I don't know how to fix that.

Source code and download
The source code and download are on GitHub under MIT licence (complete licence on GitHub too)

Also thanks to @spaar for the help with the automatron, @wang_w571 for letting me re-use and modify his Block-Spawner Block Mod code and @ITR for optimisation and help
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