Block Settings Mod [v3.2.0]

[Spaar's Modloader 1.3.3] [Besiege v0.27]
Now Presenting: The BSMod!

  • Set the rotation and position of any block! (Even starter block)
  • Rotate Key customization
  • Use 'Q' to rotate backwards (Rotate Key in reverse)
  • Highlights what block you are editing!
  • Option to automatically select next block!
  • All GUI based! (For now)
  • Simple design!
  • Built-in Intersection Warning remover!
  • More to come! ( Send me ideas! )
How to select a block
  • Well hovering over the block you would like to edit, press 'G'.
How to edit a block
  • Use the controls on the GUI
Mod Featured at 13:20
If you find a bug or have any questions/suggestions, please, feel free to leave a

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Staff member
You should add some pictures of it :3


Staff member
BetterModGUI is outdated
like if i change the x, y and z axis and then place the block and it works fine but when i place another block the x, y and z axis coordinates thingy doesn't change and then i end up placing block of the wrong of a block side or the clip into another block (example: put block of LEFT side of starter block, it will place the block on the RIGHT side instead of the left side)