BLIMPS Team - The Trains Mod [Spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s BlockLoader][ID:702-???]

stuChris and myself, otherwise known as "The BLIMPS" (Yes, we made that up because we make mods together :)), are proud to present our first project:

The Trains Mod [Beta]!

Installation as usual:
1- Install spaar's modloader;
2- Install TheGuysYouDespise's BlockLoader;
3- Unzip the download file to your Besiege_Data\Mods folder!

Current features:

Planned features:
-Train Wheels;
-Cab (with possible 1st person view);
-Possibly more track types;

stuChris for the original idea and concept, models and textures, and overall help and orientation in development.
Me for the coding!

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for anyone wondering, blimps has a meaning/acronym we are the Besiege Lucky important modding people(s)

anyway, we blimp members are proud to present this wonderfull mod, with much more to come, for you to exploit and generally have fun with
it seems the mod isnt doing so well with popularity D: so, just for people who arent interested, im gonna post one of my rail creations, and ill leave you to decide if you like it or not :D

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locomotive 2.bsg

When I use this to lay down a straight line of tracks on top of wooden blocks, the tracks push each other or something. The wood underneath will break or sometimes it won't break but then the tracks are crooked. Any ideas?
jesus christ update it already! i made a schwerer gustav gun months ago and im just going insane over my crappy track design and i want legit rails so i can make the gun legit! LOOK!
srsly tho wouldnt it take like a day or three to update this i mean pls
i cant even wrap my head around javascript so im gonna assume this sorta thing takes a couple day but rly
for me?
btw i modified ur tolbrynd railroads and zaamurets train and added a leopold railway gun and i was wondering if u would let me post it