Besige no longer starts.

After 122 hours of flawless operation on Windows 8.1 Besige crashes on start.
Im not even taken of my desktop but the Besige icon is shown for a second in my task-bar before disapperaing.
disabling the steam overlay, unsubscribing all objects as well as fully reinstalling the entirety of the game did not change a thing.

OS as stated (64 Bit)
i7-6700K @4GHz
R9 390 (Software version 17.7.1)
Nothing of these changed between the game working and crashing with expection of my GPU driver version

idk if it helps, but
Direct3D® Version -
OpenGL® Version -
OpenCL™ Version -

Where do I submit my output_log.txt?


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You can press "Upload a File" and it should let you put a file with your post