Besiegineers Workshop

Hello everyone, i thought id upload a few of my creations in one post. check these out!
More to come in the future!

Siege Fortress (very laggy. 30% advised)
I -lock the door/close the door
L -open the door
V -ungrab the door from locking position (when its opened up)
arrow keys to drive
H -launch a bomb out the door (open it first LOL!)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8--fire the cannons

The Multitool-my first multipurpose vehicle
build something on it like a suicide vehicle/deployable aircraft/cannon based rockets? the choice is up to you!
this one comes in three flavors

Default. nothing special just build something onto it. it can take the stress trust me.

arrow keys to move
B-Toggles the extendable front end
J-Detach the build from the decoupler

Giant Suicide Drone.
same controls B-is not used instead use H to lift the drone J to decouple and O to launch.

and the Modified Minicat attachment
same controls as the default.
numpad 8-up 5-back 4/6 to steer minicat and H to blow SH** UP!
H-also uses the grabber so be careful
V-detach grabber. it likes to grab the mini sometimes.
B-Extend the bars, also assists steering when cat is detached. spin around and cleap up troops with the saws.

Experimental Twin-Spring Catapult
i took the design from the minicats launch system and put 2 on this thing
also experimented with using a wall of gears for turning. im pleased with the results

arrows to move-gears take the function of left and right for turning
1 -launches the left bomb
2 -launches the right bomb

The Doombox
this one fits in the mission box.

arrows to move the doombox
J-detach the spring catapult
8-up 5-back 4/6 to steer the catapult
H-bombs away!

Chaos Spinner
this is a neat glitch i found. left and right on the arrow keys. pretty simple, could be used in the future for an aircraft.
i used this trick on my windmill

Enjoy and let me know what you think. also check that sweet windmill i made earlier.


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holy hell im glad i uploaded this.. i havent played besiege in ages and i needed my old builds back..going to make them better eventually with new parts :D