Besiege wont start on Mac

Discussion in 'Besiege: Bug Reports' started by Tuckerjamez, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Tuckerjamez

    Tuckerjamez New Member

    late 2013 mac pro
    Intel 8 core Xeon 3ghz
    64gb of ram
    2X AMD Fire Pro D700 12GB
    Latest OS

    Also tried on Macbook Pro

    CPU i7 2.7ghz
    Nvidia GPU
    16GB ram
    15in Retina Display
    Latest OS

    I bought the game today. I have tried everything suggested by other forums to fix this issue and nothing will work. Black starting screen opens and then closes and I hear a Ding! In terminal it appears that It logs in, and then logs back out closing the game.
  2. jan

    jan New Member

    Same for me
    I was able to run it in 'experimental' mode. Go to Properties -> Beta and change mode.
    hope it helps
  3. Tuckerjamez

    Tuckerjamez New Member

    There was an update later that day an now it is running smoothly!

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