Besiege Wolfgang-10HT

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  1. the Wolfgang 10 heavy tank has an appearance of an SPG mixed up with AMX-50B and Kranvagn tank, but when I testing this one It has a Good armor at front and rear and turret, also it has a good speed perfect for ramming peasant houses and crushing pesky knight, but it has a downside, its back armor was weak and its track were little bit expose, so there's a 95% that the tank might be immobilized when it get hit by an enemy fire, but still an awesome tank perfect for engaging and piercing the enemy frontline by using its speed.

    Back story:
    Valfrost is the most powerful nation in the Northern Besiegeia and also know to their fearsome tank Wolfgang 10, the Wolfgang 10HT was built in 12th Thyrin 1945 which developed by Tolfrid Wolfgang for a plan for an invasion in Ipsilon, the Ipsilon soldiers and tankers really feared this tank, because of its sheer speed and it's powerful gun and its thick frontal armor, some of them call it "The Great Boar" when it's engaging towards them, but even the Wolfgang 10HT almost called the true monster of the battlefield, it has a weakness, it's back armor was weak and can be penetrable by an Ipsilonian tanks and also it suffer sometimes on heavy maintenance because of its engine, sometimes blew itself when it gets its maximum speed of 70km/h, but even that's the only problem with the tank they still using this tank just to conquer the whole Northern Besiegeia for the empire, because they believe this tank was the successor of the wither king, the Wolfgang heavy tank still in service of Valfrost army in 1967 until it ends its service in the year 2000, when they realise about HEAT rockets (although this back story was quite cringy but I hope you like it)


    • Arrow keys - Move
    • Both left/right Arrow keys - Low speed
    • Single Arrow keys - Normal speed
    • Both Up/Left/Right Arrow keys - Full speed
    • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
    • H,J/K,L - Turret 2
    • C - Cannon
    • V - Crossbow Machinegun
    • F/G - Camera mode

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