Besiege vehicle engine thread

How do i build a compact engine without powered wheels or cogs? Preferably in the silver areas. sry for crappy mobile design don't have mods. Help appreciated!
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Im going to go with the steam turbine, but also another question... how do piston engines work? im having trouble making a piston powered engine do anything. any suggestions? also thx for the quick reply!
Well, if everyones tried why isn't there someone making a mod for it? It sounds like a selling idea for the part of the community that tried... even if its just powered anything with simulated torque. But i do get that it isn't possible to create a actual engine.
There are loads of engines on the workshop or besiege downloads (I have a few in my workshop), I would advise getting an engine first tho, then build the car around the engine, take note the, small engines tend to be weak unless they are modded, so you will have to make a light chassis.

Check out these two people, they have loads of engines, you might find one that suits you.
Or oziboy:

Hope that helped
1. Thank you for the help i much appreciate it :D!

2. If there isn't realistic acceleration, why doesn't someone make a mod? unity has pushed out tons of racing games with sounds, acceleration, gears etc. Im sure someone has the time to make a simple adjustment to the powered wheels code?

(11:24 PM Pacific time) Edit:
I have found a (kinda) solution to my " compact engine problem through the loss of the "no powered blocks idea", i have used spinning blocks to create a (what looks like) an engine. It currently can only go forward and thats it :/.
But as QuextArt stated the powered blocks don't have acceleration, So hopefully i can create a solution for that. But in the meantime i hope this can be a succsesful thread for users in need of similar help :D.
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Steam engines actually do have a bit of spin up time, some you actually need a clutch to make a working car so the engine can turnover at first, most engines you will find have a fixed rev speed once they turnover. The best way to model acceleration would be to use a gearbox, but those aren't compact. Building a gearbox would also give you reverse and the ability to stop.
OK i think i ahev come to the conclusion that: 1. you can have acceleration (0-top in 3 seconds, top being very slow.) but no torque. 2. you can have torque but no acceleration. But i thank you all for helping me come to this conclusion :D!
How might I go about fitting a proper engine into this car while still using the original clutch and still being able to have 4 wheel drive?
Just looking for advice