Besiege V0.30 Has Been Released

Finally but 7 fps in new sandbox with amd four core 4100, gtx750ti and 16GB RAM. I know it's average comp today, but still good enough to run all other games at least on 1920x1080. By "run" I mean 30+ fps.
Edit: 3 - 7 fps was my war wagon with 265 parts (still moving good in old sandbox), machines under 200 parts are around 20 - 60 fps.


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What graphics driver are you using?
A good addition would be definitely more destructive Tolbyrind and Ipsilon castles, and more peasants/knights. I understand that it is hard to add even more stuff into the map, but destruction must be the biggest part of any map in besiege!


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More stuff that can break would mean more lag though.

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      Today, 11:22
      What graphics driver are you using?
  • 358.91 nvidia driver as everything is going fine with that. I just tried again, and it's like I said: over 200 parts fps are going down very quickly. For example war wagon with 265 parts is running on 3 - 7 fps, when destroyed by fire rest of parts are running at 20 - 30 fps as number of parts is lower. Maybe I can try new driver, but I am kind reluctant as everything other is going smoothly.
  • Interestingly when bloom shadows fxaa vignet etc. are disabled fps is better maybe 2 fps.
  • In Empty landscape the same machine 20 - 30 fps.
hey, the panning using the middle mouse button is VERY VERY slow. is there any way to increase its speed? i cant check the sandbox like this

i miss some constructions like the castles in the new sandbox. and i think that some constructions in the new sandbox should be able to be destroyed like the two towers that hold the statues. also for my taste, the knights that can attack you are very close to the starting area, you could startle them without wanting it.

a small suggestion: add some saved locations so you can quickly choose in which location you want to be. example: top of the floating cube, top of the mountain, out of the sandbox like at the door of the two statues.


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You could try using both the middle mouse dragging and WASD at the same time.
If the object is focusable, you can click with the middle mouse button on it to move the camera towards there.


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You can try my enhanced camera mod. It definitely allows changing the speed of the WASD movement to whatever you want, although I'm not sure whether that applies to the panning too. It would definitely allow you to move the camera around the sandbox easily.


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Unfortunately we've had some problems with the Humble version of the game that we're still trying to fix at the moment.
I'll update you guys when we have one released.

Sorry for the inconvenience :/


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Bug fixes, I think