Besiege The Viper

Well, I never tried to make a vehicle that made only for racing and I found out racing maps are fun to play with, so I decided to make a car that only uses for racing, The Car design has a little bit of military touch because that's my taste and an appearance of a muscle car (I think) because of the height of the chassis from the ground and its bar stuff in chassis, which defend its fragile stuff from debris, the speed of car was about 215km/p which is average for a car, but there's a downside of this mub racer, When you press "G" that triggers to the interior view of the Cabin but it has a little bit visibility on the road because of the frame stuff that guarded the windshield but I keep it anyway for immersion and the car doesn't drift too much like Initial D, because of the propellers that keep the controllable when it does a maximum speed, but for me it was worth it because I finally made a car for racing.


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • F, G - Camera Mode


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