Besiege Railway: Video No 3


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Isn't a train robbery usually somebody robbing a train? XD
I really love the Great Train Robbery locomotive and gondola car, really nice looking and the false wheels look like they work great. Also, as a train enthusiast, I cringe at your pistons on the engine. A normal engine from the era you're trying to emanate would've used pistons like the ones on my 4-4-0:

This is definitely something, if anything I think it's the start of the future for trains being made in Besiege.
I'm really glad you like it as an enthusiast. And yeah, I knew I was doing the pistons wrong at the time but I couldn't get the sliders and swivels to play nice with the rotation so I opted for this cringeworthy affair! I had spent most of the time trying to perfect an effective power unit/system that would get me away from using air & thruster blocks, which are not good I'm sure you'll agree. As I develop the power I will be trying to make better engines and carriages. I really love making Besiege do things it wasn't designed for! It's such a great challenge :) Great game great community!