Besiege Rail System: video 2

Thank you Sir!
I hope it gives others the idea to build rail system too. I have another video ( number 3) which takes these concepts even further. I'll put it out in a few days.


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Hmm, seems like the world anchor would help a lot. Hope they release it :/
Yeah! I was looking for the fabled anchor block. I thought it was available somewhere but no!

I was meaning to ask you. I would like to use bombs on the rails as they are much slippier... but they still blow up after a short travel. Is there anything in your remote bomb mod capable of turning contact explosions down or off?


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Not that I've implemented, sorry
Do you think in the future this system could be implemented on making detailed trains, like actual realistic ones? Seems right now it relies a lot on the train itself being relatively simple looking.
Hi FrizB,

I was playing around with your idea, I found this solution for the "wagon"

It's a lot lighter and easier to build than the "Boulder/Grabber" system, it has a slicker profil and a lot of free attaching points

Low contact surface > Low friction

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Wagon 1.bsg
Or this one, it has less chances to get out of the rails

Just tilt the hinges to 45° (right/left arrows)

iIt's also possible to place ballasts with a fixed 45° angle => Multimod

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Wagon 2.bsg
Wow! I need to try all these out. I have been waiting for multi-mod update before revisiting my rail stuff but this could be an answer to a problem I now have with the boulder ' breaking under pressure' in v0.8.

I have posted a video called "The Duke's Printer" and it shows the problem ( it's nicely dramatic)
Hah! monorails . I am very keen to do a monorail also. I have seen one recently somewhere and it wasn't too bad. I also have plans for a 4 rail boxed in hyperloop experiment - so many plans & projects :)

angle mod looks good. I couldn't get on with multimod angles because I couldn't 'dial in' the angle numbers! was I doing something wrong?

one other idea: I have been wondering about other low friction surfaces, I tried ploughs and had some limited success but I was going to try 'spent' decouplers. not sure of their friction rating.
You don't have to dial the angle, just press "R" like the normal rotation function, it will rotate by 22.5°

The best solution would be a low friction plate (like the high friction one thet was added in v0.08), some sort of 1x1x0.5 block with rounded borders to avoid "hanging" on sharp edges

Something like that :)

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