Besiege - RACETRACK CHALLENGE! (Besiege Deformation Mod) *Beat my time!*

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    First of all, how do I upload a .dat file for the deformed level? It says "invalid file" when I try to put it as an attachement.

    Hey! ChillaxBesiege here. I put this on YouTube, so go see it: This racetrack challenge involves one mod: The deformation mod by TesseractCat. Anyone can download the level, and try to beat my time of 2 minutes and 15 secs. (Lol, I tried so hard) For this challenge, you can use any land vehicle. Here are the requirements:

    1. You cannot (EDIT: CAN) use metal. YOU CAN USE BRACES!
    2. You cannot make it fly / use flying materials.
    3. You cannot bsg. edit the vehicle.
    4. You cannot use any mods that I don't approve of.
    5. You cannot build / use structures.

    Good luck! Any questions, ask away.

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  2. TesseractCat

    TesseractCat Member

    Okay, just put the dat file in a zip and that should work. Also it seems you haven't installed spaar's modloader correctly, make sure to follow ALL of the instructions...
  3. Thanks TC <3 I fixed it, but I still can't get the Level Maker Mod. I followed all the instructions. Is it the beta version or the "original"? TesseractCat How do I re-dowwnload the game? Again, I am so confused and have no idea what to do. Damn.
  4. ITR

    ITR l̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ֍̫̜̥̭͖̱̟̟͉͙̜̰ͅl̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ Staff Member

    Beta of the modloader.

    If you have the steam version, locate Besiege in your library > right click it > "properties" > "Local Files" > "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" to reinstall. If you have the humble version, just download it from the humble site again.
  5. MrMcRush

    MrMcRush Member

    Lol, I had similar idea yesterday but to make some racetrack for buggy's... with jumps, etc. I worked whole weekend on some buggy suspension and till now i only have some test track for my own purpose but I think I'll make a real one.
  6. FBSoldier

    FBSoldier New Member

    I loved how you used parts of the sandbox to make your level, very creative!
    I will give this a try... If my computer allows me too... :-(
  7. FBSoldier

    FBSoldier New Member

    Do I NEED to use the cockpit block mod? Or was that just you thinking it would be better for driving?
    Do you allow me to use More cameras mod?
  8. ITR Thanks a lot!
  9. Algae

    Algae Member

    Awww, no metal. I'd understand no braces and no .bsg editing, then metal would be useless anyway. What is the thought behind the "no metal" rule?
  10. FBSoldier

    FBSoldier New Member

    I'm suffering to do the challenge without suspension blocks. :-x
    If he allowed metal I woud've won already!
  11. Algae FBSoldier Woah, please, calm down. I just wanted to make it difficult, and you CAN use braces. The goal is to beat my time. That's it.
  12. Algae

    Algae Member

    I know you can sue braces, but I feel like the rules would be better when we're not allowed to have braces, but are allowed to have other metal blocks. (So my Drifting Dragon qualifies ;P, and I don't see how you can exploit metal blocks when you can't .bsg edit)
  13. Algae Okay... so let's do "all metal blocks qualified" You're right, it would make sense.
  14. Algae

    Algae Member

    Yay! Thank you!
  15. Algae let's have some fun! :D

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