Besiege Object-279 E

It was hard to believed that It wasn't that so hard to build and oh boy, Oh Boy, It was fairly strong and equipped with an x20 cannon for killing fully armored vehicles and an x4 cannon on the top of the turret as its secondary weapon as the backup and also it has a fair speed of 48km/h I think that in the World of Tanks gameplay It was way more faster than that, But the main drawbacks of this tank was it's very small suspensions and its block counts of 865 which you guess it, Not friendly for Potato PCs that I could only play it on 21 to 26% timescale, But anyway its another replica tank and I hope you like it, Maybe I think its time to make the Soviet land UFO.



  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • C - Main Cannon
  • V - Secondary Cannon
  • F, G - Camera Mode