Besiege Northstar (Titanfall 2)

Another Titanfall mech that has been requested to me to build it, It does look like the actual Northstar but there's a missing thing that the Northstar doesn't have, That would be her defensive ability "tether traps" because I don't know where those traps came out from her and I don't even know how to make them so I cancel those things instead, but her Primary weapon(Even it's inaccurate and lack of power), Utility, Offensive(Even it's just a modded rocket with a very powerful blast), and Core ability are still there, but just like the other mechs that I made, they walk like a drunken robot so I hope you understand that that's why mechs are my second category in my channel, because mechs are harder than tracked tanks, because it takes me 2 hours to make them better, also invincibility mode was optional so you could enjoy the fun of this mech.


  • N, M - Walk
  • Left/Right Arrow keys - Yaw
  • H, J/K, L - Arms
  • O, I - Toggle Ascending /Hold Descending
  • C - Plasma railgun
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - Rocket pods
  • 0 - Cluster missile (Even it's just a modded rocket)