Besiege MURW-Mk1

The MURW or "Multi-Role Walker" was the only bipedal Mech I've made with a Single-key to go forward because making a single-key walking mechanism was really hard and complex, So what does this Mech have? it has Two Vacuum Missiles for killing Fully Armoured tanks, and a Dual-Crossbow Machine guns which are only effective against enemy infantry, I know it sounds like kinda boring because he only had does weapons, But here's why because cannons with a power of x7.00 to x10.00 makes the Mech harder to aim properly and it might affect the mobility, So a if the tank has a Vacuum Missile is fine because its enough to kill a tank by one Missile, anyway since it was a Multi-Role Walker it has an arm with a grabbers on its tri-pincers So it could grab some large objects and smash it to its unfortunate victim.



  • Arrow keys - Move
  • H, J - Arms
  • K, L - Tri-Pincers
  • N, M/ <, > - Swivel/ Elevate
  • C - Dual-Crossbow Machine guns
  • 1, 3 - Launch Vacuum Missile
  • 2, 4 - Lock on
  • F - Camera Mode


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