Besiege Multiverse Valkyerheim Airbase [Sandbox Map]


This map was kinda one of the most detailed so far and also the Laggiest one, It has the over 21760 Blocks on the map which it has Medium size hangars, Large size Hangars, Warehouses, plenty of military crates and trailers, Cranes, Trucks, Forklifts, plenty of detailed military equipment, and some peoples who are working at the Airbase even though they look like in the medieval period, but here's how describe those guys, the peasant guys describe as the workers at the Airbase, the Valfrost Axe thrower describe as the soldiers, the Tolbrynd dude with a paper was the engineers and the managers at the Airbase, and finally, of course, the Tolbrynd scouts is the one who is at the guard towers, it took me only 2 days of building this map and I'm glad my potato computer didn't die even though it always crashes my game many times, I hope you like this highly detailed map that I made and maybe in the future map that I gonna make was a Naval base.

"Just some guys watching two guys brawl each other"

"Guess what kind of drink he was drinking"

Some other video that I showcase the map: