Besiege Multiverse Overhaul

In Besiege, the Multiverse is still a very new concept.

We should have more objects in it, like the Standing Stone, Auto-Cannons, and Oil Cannons.

We should also have more programming options. Instead of making this sort of list based programmer, why not make it a drag and drop block programmer? Much easier, and more possibilities.

The ability for parent objects, and loading in custom skins for objects and people seem like a good idea.

The ability to change spawning box size and location mid simulation sound pretty good. (So you can make a checkpoint style game.)

The ability to program your own machine also sounds pretty cool as well. (Sort of like Automatron but with drag and drop.) Completely autonomous war machines, or simple autonomous procedures sound good.

(And on a completely unrelated note: How do you get struck by lightning in Besiege?)