Besiege KNL-3UMA & KNL-3UMAVar2

When I test my KNL-2.1 on the simple dogfight in the multiverse update, I realize that plane has too much pitch which is too hard to aim at the enemy and the gun was weak, So I decided to make a new series for the KNL and make the KNL-3UMA which stands for "Unmanned Aircraft" Yes! the New KNL was now a UAV for fighting an enemy plane, but this plane could only kill an slow plane like a simple vanilla or bomber type planes because of it's poor firepower, but the plane has a good mobility and speed which an only fast plane could kill it, the plane has only 115 block counts which are perfect for the users of a weak computer like mine, and the KNL-3UMAVar2 was the improvised version which now equipped with 6 bombs and a single cannon that has a power of 3.50x and also a single machine gun crossbow for light firepower.



  • Arrow keys - Pitch/Roll
  • C - Crossbow Machine gun
  • F, G - Camera mode
  • Arrow key - Pitch/Roll
  • C - Crossbow Machine gun
  • V - Cannon
  • 1, 2, 3 - Bombs
  • F, G - Camera Mode