Besiege KN-3 Semi-Bomber

When I was testing the KN-1 bomber and then I realized that bomber plane was unstable and there's a chance that the plane would break during flight and the engines were look ridiculous because how the hell that only two engines could ever carry a plane like that, so I tried to fix the bomber a little bit until I change a lot of things on the plane so it turns out into a German prototype jet bomber looking plane, it has now a clean shape and a nice cockpit design for a little bit of aesthetics, unlike the KN-1 it only had a single cannon with 6 bombs, but the KN-3 has x5.55 main cannon, x3,00 turret cannon, and 8 bombs, since it is a kinda good plane also it has a nice 4 x10,50 engines for more speed, but there's a little bit of problem from this place I hope they have this same problem especially for plane builders, it turn itself right and keep itself ascending, but I don't care about that because the important of it was it can fly well.


  • Arrow keys - Pitch/Roll
  • N, M/<, > - Turret
  • O - Accelerate
  • C - Main Cannon
  • V - Turret Cannon
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - Bombs
  • F, G - Camera mode