Besiege JOTUN-373 Valiant Pigeon

This is at least one of the largest build I've ever made, which I use a ton of Brace Cubes that makes the entire build so laggy and it was so large that I can't even fly the plane in ordinary Maps, the best map to fly this thing was in Barren Expanse Map and Sandbox Map because there's a lot of space to maneuver the plane, the plane could only lift some Light Vehicles like the "AC-50 Ferret" which is design for the plane to be just released in flight and land softly at the ground, this IFV has 4 flying blocks inside and 2 brace cubes at wheels to balance itself in the air before it could deal a very critical impact at the ground, Since plane doesn't have any Offensive weaponry it only had some 5 Crossbows that acts like the Flares to distract the Vacuum Missile to its main target, the design of the plane was inspire from the KSP YouTuber matt lowne's "Hypersonic Airliner" that was also a box wing design aircraft which the small difference was mine was designed for the military to transport vehicles and cargo, but still similar to his design.

Prework Design

Redesign Floor Grabbers

AC-50 Drop test



Drop test was a success, but the vehicle needs to be Redesign and prevented the vehicle from tipping over in the air.

Valiant Pigeon Escorted by 5 Rapier UVAs

Skins: (For the Valiant Pigeon)

Skins: (For the Ferret)


Valiant Pigeon
  • T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Yaw/Pitch/Roll
  • <, > - Ramp
  • O - Acceleration
  • ? - Flare (Even its just a crossbow)
  • I, U - Camera Mode
  • Arrow keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret
  • C - Crossbow Machine gun
  • ?, RShift - Extenders
  • I, K/ J, L - Balancing
  • F, G - Camera Mode