Besiege HUGO-170RVVar

I've been making a lot of Military Vehicles for Combat for the rest of my life and I don't know what kind of military vehicle should I make like totally I've made a lot of tanks with different techs, but this time I decided to make some tanks with a different role that not just for military purposes, but also for industrial and emergency purposes, I know this tank look ridiculous because it has an MBT hull, but with a crane turret instead of a cannon, actually its quite kinda handy because it could complete some levels like carrying stuff and delivered it from the insignia, and also it could lift some of my medium weight vehicles like some of my IFVs and APCs but not tanks like the "Blits/Carapace Mk1" that destroyed the crane and makes it uncontrollable, but it could still pull it up, but slower, the tank itself doesn't have any offensive and defensive systems because why this thing needs that such a thing when you're just in the base carrying stuff and pull over broken vehicles, maybe someday I might replace the crane into a Bridge Deployer if I want to.



Arrow keys - Move
N, M/ <, >/ - Arm Crane
K, L/ ? - Wind and Unwind/ Ungrab
F, G - Camera Mode